Saturday, July 9, 2011

Gripping the Wheel

I was speaking with a colleague the other day about some issues we we were having with a project. The risks were small, but they had the potential of stretching far into the future. And I immediately visualized a long stretch of traffic cones ahead of me. Each one was small, but there were so many of them - right down the middle of the road. I'd have to dodge every one of them if I was to get anywhere at all.

It was no big stretch to generalize this image to apply to life as a whole. No matter what path we take, there are roadblocks of one kind or another and the faster and farther we go, the faster they come at us. But if we watch where we're going, and grip the wheel tightly, we can get past them without too much trouble. But it's important that we also look beyond the cones to the road beyond. Otherwise, why make the trip? And if we're fortunate, we'll hit some long, cone-free stretches.

Hence, this blog. Some observations from time to time about gripping the wheel and dodging the cones.

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